Taking care of your glass

Dear customer,
you are accepting delivery of a delicate, handmade artistic glass object.

Its maintenance is not difficult. Just regularly wipe away accumulated dust with with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth or soft brush. About once a month it is good to wash the object in lukewarm water with a little detergent. Then wipe dry and, if needed, polish with an alcohol-based formula.

Handling with bare hands can leave unsightly fingerprints – especially on glossy surfaces; these should be cleaned using the previously mentioned method.

Avoid letting the glass come in contact with other objects; when handling the product avoid wearing rings, watches or bracelets. When moving the product do not slide it on its base but always lift it, move it, and set it down again. Never put cut and engraved glass in the dishwasher; wash only by hand.

By following these simple guidelines and handling with care, our product will delight you for many years to come, because it will alway look as good as new.

Care glass Ladislav Ševčík Bohemia Crystal