Every product that passes through our hands bears the signature of Ladislav Ševčík and also may be marked with a serial number or as a limited series. Each product is accompanied by a certificate that guarantees its authenticity. Every such certificate is signed by the company owner and all those who took part in its creation and production – the artist, glass cutter, engraver. The certificate also includes the name of the product, its serial number, date of creation, and a description of the item. All this confirms the originality of the product. A certificate necessarily must accompany each of our products. If there is no certificate, it's not a genuine product from the Ladislav Ševčík company.

Our company's trademark Logo Ladislav Ševčík has been in use since 1991; it has been protected by the Industrial Property Office since 1997, just as has the trademark Logo Ladislav Ševčík Hand Made

Signature of Ladislav Ševčík

Guarantee of authenticity

Since our glass has started to be copied – and not just the designs, but also the protected registered trademark – proof of the product's origin is important to us.

  • Every piece passes through the hands of the company's owner
  • The company never releases products of lower quality
  • Thanks to our methods and meticulous work we have gained many admirers and customers
  • Our products can be found in the Japanese Imperial Court
  • Among our customers are members of government and personalities from various walks of life – culture, theater, music, film, science, sports, diplomacy …
  • Custom orders
  • Limited editions, one-off pieces
  • Our trademark has been protected by the Industrial Property Office since 1997
  • Registration of some of our decorative motifs, as industry designs, was aproved by the Industrial Property Office in 1992